Royce's Story

• Sturdy lightweight aluminum handle

Diabetic Foot Mirror

The improved Diabetic Foot Mirror is a diagnostic tool for Diabetic foot care.


My name is Royce Brooks. There are over 18 million diabetics in the U.S. and I'm one of them. I know what I must do to control my diabetes including diet and exercise, plus all the necessary precautions that are part of a diabetics life. I take extra care to examine my feet daily and here's why: Unfortunately, due to three back injuries, I wasn't able to see the bottoms of my feet. One day I noticed that one of my shoes was rather tight. I assumed that the hot weather had caused the swelling and paid no attention to it. The next morning it was hard to get my shoe on ad even more difficult that evening. My wife noticed there were red streaks going up the side of my leg. We both agreed something was wrong. So I called the Doctor and was immediately admitted to the hospital. The physicians used every means they had to fight the infection. On the evening of the third day in the hospital, the Doctor told me that if the infection didn't begin to heal, I would lose my foot. I was lucky. I healed up fine but I learned a valuable lesson: I needed to find a way to check my feet on a daily basis. That's how the Diabetic Foot Mirror came to be. Since I first invented this device it's been modified and improved - I use mine every day. I'm just not wiling to take the chance of not checking my feet - no diabetic should ever neglect checking their feet.

The Diabetic Foot Mirror was

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